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Your Rare Designs

Performance Design and Scenography each blend visual, experiential, and sensorial realms, often with interdisciplinary collaborations into a kaleidoscope of new, creative ideas.

The notion of RARE is different for everyone! RARE envelops all individuals and theatre companies who create innovative, radical, and disruptive designs that embrace unconventional subject matter and story-telling. RARE generates opportunities for audiences to experience humanity beyond their own.

The United States exhibit will celebrate RARE design submissions that support the inclusion of under-represented communities, acknowledge stories born from systemic power structures and historical events, and document the recent Covid-19 pandemic. The range of curated designs that will represent PQ23 RARE artistic forms include forward-thinking, unexpected, socially conscious, atypical, innovative, out-of-the-box, and traditional designs. 

Show how you envision the future of theatre design and what you consider to be RARE. If you do not connect with RARE  as defined by USITT or PQ23, articulate a new perspective of RARE in your submission.