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North American Cluster Conversations – Canada

    Join us for a panel discussion exploring the current state of scenographic practice in North America. Panelists will include curators, artists, students and/or representatives from Canada, Mexico, Québec and the U.S. Explore and question how our countries influence each other and the issues that cross our borders and impact work across our continent. This panel will be led by Canada and will explore the topic of equity seeking artists working within a colonial/majority culture in Canada (and beyond). Some of us have been forced to adapt in order to survive, while many continue to operate outside of established boundaries at the expense of access to resources. Let’s discuss how ongoing international activist movements and the closure of theatres around the world during the global pandemic have encouraged Canadian and other North American artists to seek new outlets for their work at this unique point in history.


    Wlad A. Woyno R. (CA)
    Carmen Alatorre (CA)


    Nancy Tam (CA)
    Aris Pretelin-Esteves (MX)
    Sophie El-Assaad (QC) Yoon Bae (USA) Luke Cantarella (USA)