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Adjudication Details

The USITT Curatorial Committee oversees the jury and curatorial processes for all PQ23 US design submissions. In order to participation in this process, jurors are identified by and vetted through the USITT Curatorial Committee. A comprehensive rubric was developed through Curatorial Committee discussions about the requirements set forward by the PQ23 festival, how best to showcase the creativity of US designers, and the importance of USITT values. 

Submissions are subject to a two-part assessment. First, designs are assigned blind to jurors, who make their evaluations according to a rubric developed by the Curatorial Committee to align with PQ23 requirements and USITT Core Values. Jurors may also submit additional comments, if compelled to do so. Second, the Curatorial Committee reviews juror assessments and selects designs, accordingly, that meet rubric standards and ensure a balance of representation in the USITT-PQ23 exhibition.

The USITT-PQ23 rubric is developed to align with PQ23 requirements and USITT Core Values. Designs accepted for the USITT-PQ23 exhibit will embody the PQ23 theme: RARE and reflect a range of work according to three broad factors. Designs will be innovative and raise the bar on design through disruptive, avant-garde, and radical principles. Designs will live “outside the box” and offer “never before seen” elements. Designs will redefine our understanding of human connection by exploring intersections of self, community, and culture; and by taking audiences to a liminal space beyond their own humanity.

Designers will be notified of jury/curation decisions by September 1, 2022.