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North American Cluster Conversations – Mexico

    Join us for a panel discussion exploring the current state of scenographic practice in North America. This panel will be led by Mexico on: Cosmopolitics. A notion formulated from anthropology, attending to the forms of conflict and negotiation between diverse agents that are not only human, and considers other modes of existence, other ways of producing and inhabiting the world, recognizing their political intentionality. As such, it is necessary to broaden the sensibility and forms of perception of such modes of existence. Perhaps art, especially theater, can collaborate in this exercise. For this panel we propose a discussion on the migration of monarch butterflies as a shared transnational problem that crosses the North American territories; and address it as an ecological, political, historical, economic, architectural, poetic and religious issue, linked to the understanding of theatrical practice, as a privileged stage for dialogue and negotiation between multiple perspectives.


    Karla Rodríguez (MX)


    Carmen Alatorre (CA)
    Cassandre Chatonnier (QC)
    Samay Arcentales Cajas (CA)
    Aristeo Mora (MX)
    Soledad Sanchez (USA)