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Cristian Amigo – Lives of the New Kind of Saints

    A geo-located theater/music/sound piece for justice and shared humanity in Battery Park, NYC


    Development Documents

    This :

    A COVID-19 safe theater piece (made in response to COVID-19 pandemic) in honor of Latinx doctors, nurses, policeman, firemen, and politicians who are the new saints working for the benefit of all members of society.

    Site specific to Battery Park City. In view of the Statue of Liberty, Freedom Tower, and the Hudson River.

    Representation of Latin American, Latinx, and Afro-Latino(x) identities in a well-known NYC space devoted to NYC identity yet devoid of Latinx representation that is a substantive part of NYC’s identity and historical reality. We took over the space and resymbolized it for a little while. The audio still resides at Battery Park for anyone wanting to experience the piece for themselves (but without live theatrical component).

    Encouragement to vote during USA Presidential Election Day (due to inclement weather, it rescheduled to day of President Biden’s official certification).

    Original music and sound design reflect and extend the cultural themes of the play. Music features real performances on handmade instruments, marimbula, native flutes, percussion, acoustic guitars, electronics. The music is original and not ethnically specific.

    Original idea by composer/sound designer Cristian Amigo_Sound Faculty @ CALARTS School of Theater Department of Experience Design and Production. Amigo hired the design team and was the central conceptual artist.

    Produced and commissioned by INTAR Latino Theater (NYC).

    Got to work as featured artist/creator with renowned playwright Migdalia Cruz and Director Rebecca Martinez.

    Replicable and transposable (in Prague for example) to any worldwide location that has GPS. Can also be installed anywhere as a sound/text installation.

    Play texts and instructions are also on the free Echoes.xyx phone app and can be performed either officially by theater professionals or unofficially by listeners. Available to anyone with a cell phone for free.

    Production Credits

    Battery Park City – NYC

    Playwright – Migdalia Cruz
    Author – Cristian Amigo and Migdalia Cruz
    Composer – Cristian Amigo
    – Migdalia Cruz

    Choreographer and Director – Rebecca Martinez

    Production Stage Manager, All other designers, actors and production people worked anonymously as we did not get permission from NYPD until a few days before the premiere.