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Julianne D’Errico – Force of Nature


    The way that I define power, in today’s world, is rare. This design, based on defining a “force of nature”, presents an alternative to the patriarchal status quo which has created much devastation to the planet, animals, and any classification of peoples that have been “othered” in a patriarchal lens. Within a patriarchal power structure, resources are perceived as finite, creating a culture of scarcity, where control and domination are deemed necessary for survival. In a patriarchal society, interdependence is not possible, and anything associated with femininity (nurture, care, slowness, softness, flow) is deemed weak, frivolous, unnecessary, unproductive.

    We are currently witnessing just how unsustainable a culture created through domination and fear really is. How easy is it to kill, to take a life? It can be done in a moment. Conversely, how much time, dedication, compassion, intention, care, and perseverance does it take to create and sustain life? What if we allowed the force that is nature- to change our definition of power and guide us to a society in which we can coexist in peace? Whom are those that hold this knowledge closest to them? The ones which the patriarchy fights hardest to silence and control. The indigenous, the marginalized, the women, the birthers and the mothers, and the ultimate mother- Mother Nature herself.

    My design is rare in form because of my use of unconventional materials, creating with materials outside of the traditions of costume making. My intention was for the design to embody imagery of the universe and our planet. Created with dried sheets of acrylic paint, the marbled pattern of the wearable art imitates the patterns of the planets, and of the ocean meeting the land. Worn on a feminine form, the design communicates that we are both in the universe and of the universe. Made of the same matter as the stars. All is interconnected, expansive, magical, infinite. When we internalize how interconnected we are we will realize that a sustainable, holistic way of coexisting, is not only possible, but it is necessary for the survival of our species and our planet.

    Image Credits

    Photographer – Michelle Kappeler
    Model – Alexa Plasynski
    Hair Stylist – Martin Plascencia
    Makeup Artist – Tatiana Sada