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Maranda DeBusk – K2


    L’appel du vide – the call of the void. A whisper in the wind. The need to jump simply to see if you can fly.

    Taylor and Harold climbed the second tallest mountain in the world to push their limits. After spending a night under the falling snow, they face the looming reality that they will not both make it back home alive. What is left after achieving the impossible? What precious possibilities do we give up when we try?

    This immersive experience began in the warm glow of base camp, past the tents of eager hopefuls, and up the ridge where we met our climbers, their fate decided but their minds not yet made up. Standing proudly in an uninsulated warehouse in the middle of winter, our geodesic mountain reflected the complexities of white snow from dawn to dusk and through the fall of darkness. Still but not stagnant, the mountain inhales our arrogance and exhales our fear.

    Have you asked yourself, what lies beyond?

    Production Credits

    Playwright – Patrick Meyers
    Director – Barrett Doyle

    Scene Design – Barrett Doyle
    Costume Design – Mallory Champlin
    Lighting Design – Maranda DeBusk
    Sound Design
    – Be Walton
    Sound Design – Daniel Pope

    Tech Director – Mark Warner
    Stage Manager – Shelby Mays

    Assistant Lighting Design – Lee Anne Meeks

    Photographer – Casey Gardner Ford