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Megumi Katayama – Resounding World


    Resounding World Audio Samples

    Resounding World Video

    This is an installation piece that tells the story of human history through original music composition created with sampled soundscapes from around the world, space design using various musical instruments to create a rough world map and immersive sound design with speakers and exciters attached to music instruments, art pieces, and other objects around the room. Since each speaker and exciter had a track that was unique to that speaker, people walked around to find the mix they like. Also, some speakers/drivers had elements that react to sounds to achieve visualization of the sound in an “analog” way.

    The piece started as an exploration of studying music from different cultures and finding how to achieve a true “cross-cultural” composition. Rather than imitating different music from different parts of the world using music theory knowledge, I focused on understanding the philosophy and cultural background of why the music might have certain characteristics in different parts of the world.

    It led me to realize that everything I do as a Japanese immigrant in the US is always cross-cultural, unique, and “rare” by nature, and therefore I decided to submit this piece.

    Production Credits

    Composition & Sound Design
    Space Design & Paintings
    Megumi Katayama

    Lighting Design – Samuel Chan