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Minjoo Kim – The Royale


    This story is inspired by real-world boxer Jack Johnson who, as a Black man, became the heavyweight champion of the world. Johnson was repeatedly refused a shot to compete for the world heavyweight title because of his race.

    Jack lived life loudly. And he had every right to. But the world wasn’t ready. So what does it mean when YOU are ready to live out your greatness and take up space, but there are stop signs in every direction? I think often of Jack’s strength and resilience. No one should have to be that strong. But he was.

    Lighting expresses the golden rhythm of the language with body percussion added to the mix. It highlights rhythmic energy flows and reinforcement of language.

    Audiences share Jay(the main character inspired by Jack Johnson)’s physical flow, his musical anthem, the way the language rolls off the tongue, how he sees the world, how he feels the world, and how he lives in his own body.

    Bold angles of lighting are shaping fully realized and expressive humans that have access to their most expansive selves. Choosing a strong angle creates long shadows and sharp shades on the actors. By sculpting the actor’s body, it highlights the energy that comes from their physical movement and portrays the fight against the nasty and brutal structure of white supremacy.

    With Nina’s entrance, the lights open up space and the audience sees their bare world.
    Before her emergence, the energy magnitude of each environment is small, and the lighting iris in tight on the body movement. And it explodes with the energy that Nina is bringing to Jay’s world. It demonstrates Nina as the power of female existence by bringing her as a woman of all black history.