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Olivera Gaijic – Ocean Filibuster


    Commissioned and developed by the American Repertory Theater with support from the Harvard University Center for the Environment.

    Ocean Filibuster is an immersive musical experience that explores the vast depths crucial to our daily survival, and its goal is to depict the reality of the climate crisis. Climate change is causing irreparable damage to farmland, cities, and coastlines. This is a collective problem and requires everyone’s awareness and engagement to save this planet.

    PearlDamour started developing the show pre-covid. We continue working on it during this time wich effects certainly further influenced the show. Making art that can educate people and bring awareness of the state of our planet felt more than urgent. This resulted in visually impactful production that affected both people’s minds & hearts.

    I am mesmerized by the immense beauty of the Ocean, its quaintness and strength… its habitat, and its colors, textures, and species. Its beauty is epic! My color is the color of the sea, I belong to it! The ocean is part of us as we are part of it! … I wanted to return the colors to the ocean by making recyclable art. That was my humble way of saving the Ocean! My small steps of collecting the plastic bottles and making hundreds of organic shapes out of them to recreate oceans flora give me a purpose during these 2 covid years. Making the Ocean out of objects that pollute it gave me a dual purpose, both to contribute to saving the ocean and also fulfilling my life purpose of making art that was essential for my survival during these times.

    Production Credits

    American Repertory Theater

    Playwright – Lisa D’Amour
    Author – PearlDamour
    Composer – Sxip Shirey
    Lyricist – Lisa D’Amour

    Director – Katie Pearl

    Scene Design – Jian Jung
    Costume Design – Olivera Gajic
    Lighting Design – Thomas Dunn
    Projection Design
    – Tal Yarden

    Production Stage Manager – Lisa McGinn

    Actors featured in Photos
    Jennifer Kidwell

    Photographer – Maggie Hall