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Christopher & Justin Swader – Seven Deadly Sins


    In the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, Miami New Drama artistic director Michel Hausmann conceived a socially-distanced outdoor theatrical event that transformed the windows of vacant storefronts along the outdoor mall of Lincoln Road in Miami Beach into seven different performance spaces. A diverse group of playwrights were commissioned to each write a short play centered around one of the seven deadly sins. With actors performing inside behind glass, audiences in small groups of twelve rotated to each piece and experienced it through headphones on the pedestrian walkway.

    The design spanned across four different buildings within a one-block radius. One empty retail space was subdivided for three plays, a recently-closed Nespresso store was split in half to house two plays, a vacant restaurant was redressed as a 1970s bar, and the double doors of the historic Colony Theatre’s loading dock were opened to reveal the set for a piece set in an abstracted Carnegie Hall. Due to the limitations of the sizes and capabilities of these found spaces, it was a very close collaboration with Yuki Nakase Link, the lighting designer and technical team to artfully convert them into temporary performance venues.

    At the time it was presented, this was the largest Actors’ Equity approved live event happening in the country. Miami New Drama’s innovative solution to making art safely in the midst of a pandemic employed over 100 artists and was a reminder of how fulfilling live performance can be, especially at a time when people were hungry for human connection and community.

    Production Credits

    Miami New Drama / Lincoln Road storefronts / Miami,FL

    Hilary Bettis
    Nilo Cruz
    Moisés Kaufman
    Rogelio Martinez
    Dael Orlandersmith
    Carmen Pelaez
    Aurin Squire

    Conceived by Michel Hausmann

    Director – Michel Hausmann
    with additional direction by Moises Kaufman and Jade King Carroll

    Scene Design – Christopher & Justin Swader
    Lighting Design
    – Yuki Nakase Link
    Costume Design – Marina Pareja
    Sound Design – Matt Corey

    Assistant Lighting Design – Alejandro Perez
    Assistant Scene Design – Jodi Dellaventura

    Production Stage Manager – Isabella Lisboa
    Stage Managers – Shannon Veguilla – Vanessa McCloskey

    Tech Director – Steven Nunez
    Scenic Artist – April Pullo
    Props Artisans – Jameelah Bailey, Stephanie Debrecht

    Actors featured in Photos

    Stephen G. Anthony
    Renata Eastlick
    Jessica Farr
    Mia Matthews
    Gerald McCullouch
    Andhy Mendez
    Carmen Pelaez
    Caleb Scott
    Sandi Stock
    Christopher Renshaw
    Gregg Weiner

    Photographer – Ernesto Sempoll – Justin Swader