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Scott Neale – Port of Entry


    Port of Entry invites you to step inside the stories of immigrants from all parts of the world as they forge new lives within the walls of a single apartment building in one of the country’s most diverse immigrant communities: Chicago’s Albany Park. You won’t find this immersive performance on a stage; instead, Port of Entry unfolds across the three floors of a re-created apartment building in Chicago’s Albany Park neighborhood. Co-created by Albany Park Theater Project and Third Rail Projects and performed by APTP’s youth ensemble, Port of Entry will take you on a journey through time and across cultures, welcoming you into the lives of people who have made this place their home over the span of a century.

    Currently in development for the 2022/23 season, Port of Entry is the newest collaboration between Albany Park Theater Project and Third Rail Projects, the co-creators of 2016’s Learning Curve.

    Because this production explores the question of “What is home?” with the framework of immigration, neighbors, connections and separation, and cross-cultural diffusion, I feel that it really has the potential to be a catalyst for change, hope and possible futures, and a suitable match for having a presence at PQ23. The whole entire concept of immigration in and of itself is centered around the basic human state of mind that is hope.

    Production Credits

    Immersive build out in warehouse – Albany Park – Chicago, IL

    Co-Conceived by Albany Park Theater Project and Third Rail Projects

    David Feiner
    Roxanne Kidd
    Marissa Nielsenpincus
    Maggie Popadiak
    Devika Ranjan
    Edward Rice
    Miguel Rodriguez
    Jennine Willett

    Scene Design – Scott C Neale
    Lighting Design
    – Elizabeth Mak
    Costume Design – Izumi Inaba
    Sound Design – Misha Fiksel
    Props Artisan – (Objects Designer) Ellie Terrell

    Production Stage Manager – Monica Brown
    Production Manager – Trina McGee